Buttered Popcorn is a newsletter about what I’m eating, watching, and cooking — plus whatever else is an inspiration.

There will be reactions and reflections. There will be occasional recommendations for things to do around New York or around the world, links worth clicking on, and updates about my cat.

What to expect

Every couple weeks, I’ll publish a round-up of brief thoughts about movies, restaurants, and recipes. Longer pieces will be sent whenever I’m inspired, which will be roughly once or twice a month. The tone is probably best described as a cross between a mediocre Letterboxd review and the Tables For Two section of the New Yorker, with a dash of Anthony Lane’s perpetually bemused writing.

Who writes this thing?

This newsletter is written by me, Andrew Truong. I’m just a guy with upper-middlebrow taste who’s obsessed with eating and watching movies and the culture at-large. And I take my dinner parties very seriously.

Why subscribe?

I’m not sure. But hopefully you’ll enjoy my writing, or discover a new favorite movie, or have another restaurant to check out.

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Reflections on film, dining, cooking, theater — and whatever else comes to mind. A semi-personal newsletter.